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The factory is extending facility base on below items:

1.Heavy copper project.(3oz+)

Today the factory run 1000sqm heavy copper board. At the end of July ,the capability will extend to 5000sqm.The factory is investing 1-2innerlayer etching line and rebuild solder mask process.

2.Semi-flex project

The factory is researching semi-flex board technologies, as schedule, the volume production will build up end of 2013.


2013,the major and stable production would be within 10L,and next year would be within 14L.

4.Surface treatment

End of 2014,the factory will introduce Imm.Tin line and multi-surface treatment line (ENIG+OSP)


At The Q1 and Q2 of 2014,the factory will invest a new pattern plating line and acquire alkaline etching ability. The capability of Rigid PCB would extend double size to 500000ft2